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CAM therapies (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) have become increasingly popular and are used regularly by patients with chronic neurologic disorders. Peripheral neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes mellitus. Symptoms are variable and range from complete loss of sensation, to reduced muscular strength resulting in an unsteady gait, to painful burning tingling and numbness. The treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy is difficult, usually inadequate, and limited by side effects of drugs. Current management of peripheral neuropathy includes achieving optimal blood glucose levels and the use of many drugs that have been reported to be effective at temporarily relieving pain but also can cause significant side effects.

There have been an increasing number of controlled clinical studies showing that acupuncture treatments for peripheral neuropathy are safe, effective, and have many long-term benefits.

neurologic_largeAt Podiatry and Barefoot Wellness Center, we take a unique, clinically proven approach to the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.   Hundreds of patients with chronic pain and altered sensation associated with peripheral neuropathy secondary to diabetes mellitus were treated with acupuncture, foot manipulation, and biomechanical correction of the imbalances. All patients received 10 courses of treatment over a 10 week period using theses complementary and alternative medicine therapies. The results of the data suggests that these therapy modalities are safe and effective for the treatment and management of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Our experience with acupuncture as a therapeutic approach to the management of chronic, painful, diabetic peripheral neuropathy suggests that it is an effective alternative therapy.  Furthermore our studies show that the effects are usually maintained for many months after the initial treatment therapy, and that it is inexpensive, painless, and free of side effects. Acupuncture when used responsibly, could be the only treatment for those patients who are unresponsive to drugs and who have experienced unpleasant or dangerous side effects from drugs.

At Podiatry and Barefoot Wellness Center, we have developed wellness plans for the treatment of painful chronic peripheral neuropathy integrating acupuncture, massage, biomechanical balancing, and natural herbal medicines with great success. After the initial basic acupuncture and therapy sessions our patients undergo routine maintenance programs on a monthly basis. The possibility of treating painful peripheral neuropathy with complementarity and alternative medicine is showing great promise and offers the alternative to avoid drugs that are producing significant side effects. Please contact Dr. Howard Groshell at Podiatry and Barefoot Wellness Center to learn more.

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