Why Orthotics?

Well-made orthotics are designed to support your feet and ensure the correct transfer of motion through the rest of your body. When fitted correctly, the orthotic will eliminate the adjustments other parts of your body (ankles, knees, hips, back, etc.) are forced to make to compensate for the misalignment in your feet. This will, in turn, reduce not only pain in your feet, but also reduce or eliminate pain throughout other associated parts of your body.

The F.A.S.T. Track Orthotics Difference


Functional Orthotics


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  • Our Functional orthotics are 100% custom made based on an exact mold of your feet by a certified physician that has knowledge of your specific activity needs. Each is made with durable Polyethylene. They are designed to both relieve pain and control abnormal pro-nation by stabilizing your feet.  This, in turn, alleviates pain elsewhere in the body and maintains your natural alignment to keep you moving.

Orthotics and Foot 20KB


Accommodating Orthotics


Pediatric Orthotics


Orthotics Recovery/Refurbish


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