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According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, 88 percent of women in the US wear shoes that are too small and 55% have bunions.

A bunion is a condition where your toe starts to shift to the outside of your foot.  This condition typically leads to the formation of a big bump on the inside of your toe.  Bunions are typically the result of wearing shoes which are too tight, and postural imbalances.  The condition is also thought to be hereditary.  If left untreated, the bump will continue to enlarge and cause pain on the foot as it rubs against shoes.

Bunions start very minor and will cause little or no discomfort.  Initially, they are more of a cosmetic irritation during the warmer times of the year like now when open-toed shoes or bare feet are popular.  However, if they go untreated, they will limit one’s ability to wear certain shoes, and can lead to severe, debilitating pain.

Convenient Treatment

If you have a bunion, it’s best to catch it early.  Early treatment through herbal medicine, postural balancing techniques, and gait correction are the safest, most effective ways to keep the bunion from growing into a bigger problem.  Padding of the bunion with a sleeve or wearing wider shoes are also options to prevent it from pushing against the sides of your shoes and causing more pain.  Ginger and turmeric also help to naturally reduce pain and swelling caused by the bunion and to prevent them from enlarging.  Podiatrists can even stretch existing shoes or fit patients for specialty shoes that allow extra room.

Surgical Treatment

Podiatry and Barefoot Wellness Centers uses surgery only when all other treatment options have been exhausted, but sometimes it is necessary if the pain is too great to treat naturally.  We have some of the best surgeons in Florida on staff and have an extremely high success rate in preventing bunions from returning.  Our technique realigns the foot’s anatomy and allows the bones to grow back without the slant which is promoting bunion growth

Take some time to check your shoes while walking, sitting, and standing.  Do they feel too tight?  If they are you might be developing a bunion (and if you’re a woman…there’s a good chance you are).  Please contact Dr. Howard Groshell at Podiatry and Barefoot Wellness Centers before the problem gets out of hand.

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