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Heel spurs are synonymous with plantar fasciitis and occur when calcium deposits build up, usually over a period of many months, on the underside of the heel bone.  Heel spurs are typically caused when foot ligaments and muscles are strained by the stretching of the plantar fasicia, and by continued tearing of the membrane that […]

Each January, the most common resolution at the top of Jacksonville residents’ lists is to start exercising or get in shape; a well-intentioned goal that is typically abandoned in February like most resolutions.  However, unlike “eating better,” or “reading more,” those who aspire to get back in shape have a much different reason for breaking […]


VIDEO: All of our body’s motion starts with the feet, and a misaligned foot can effect the entire body. Dr. Howard J. Groshell has implemented a new program that can alleviate paint without surgery. The natural treatment methods have been especially effective in alleviating pain in Fibromyalgia patients. Dr. Groshell sat down with Melanie Lawson […]

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