Coptis Purge Fire Formula

Therapeutic Actions: Treats intense, acute, localized inflammation, skin eruptions such as hives, sore throat, strep throat, eye and ear infections, nasal and sinus infections, herpes simplex outbreaks, pelvic inflammatory disease, tooth abscess, oral ulcers, and nasal infections, mouth ulcers

Product Description

Ingredients: Coptis rhizome, Lophatherum herb, Bupleurum root, Rehmannia root, Tang Kuei root, White Peony root, Akebia Trifoliata caulis, Anemarrhena root, Phellodendron cortex, Gentiana root, Alisma rhizome, Plantago seed, Scute root, Sophora root, Forsythia fruit, Gardenia fruit, Licorice root.